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Equivalent Yield

The term equivalent yield (EV) is typically associated with the valuation of reversionary freeholds, a term normally...

Equivalent Yield
posted on: Dec 6, 2014 | author: kez

Land Valuing Tips and Advice

Land valuation is usually carried out through the residual valuation technique. The general idea behind the residual...

Land Valuing Tips and Advice
posted on: Dec 3, 2014 | author: kez

Importance of Market Rent Value of Pr...

Movements in market rents are the primary determinant of the return of an income producing property because they...

Importance of Market Rent Value of Property
posted on: Dec 1, 2014 | author: kez

Natural Vacancy Rate

The natural vacancy rate or structural vacancy rate is often used to in rental market analysis. There are different...

Natural Vacancy Rate
posted on: Nov 30, 2014 | author: kez

Mortgage Acceleration Clause

The mortgage acceleration clause is a provision in the mortgage loan contract that provides the lender with the legal...

Mortgage Acceleration Clause
posted on: Nov 26, 2014 | author: kez

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