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30 Tips to Cut Your Expenses Instantly


1. Brown Bag it, bring home cooked meals to work.

2. Don’t ever buy new books, goto the library or wait till they’re printed in paperback. Take advantage of store coupons and promotions. Borrow a book from a friend.

3. Don’t buy the latest and best sneakers or tennis shoes. You can sometimes get a great deal in places like Sears and Khols.

4. Quit Smoking and don’t go to bars that often. You’re better off staying home and inviting friends over. Way cheaper and safer. Not to mention you’ll feel better and it will cost you alot less. How many times have you said, jeez I spent $100.00 last night.

5. Don’t drive everywhere and cut down your errands to one trip or two per week, gas is expensive and only getting more expensive.

6. Cut store coupons and buy those items only on sale. I know it’s difficult, but every little bit counts.

7. Stay home more often and cook at home instead of going out to dinner all the time. it’s fun and entertaining.

8. Cut your credit cards especially department stores cards.

9. Turn off all your lights when not at home and if so change your lightbulbs to the new energy efficients brands found at home depot and Lowes. You’ll pay more up front, but in the long run you’ll save.

10. Pay bills online instead of sending them out via the Post Office.

11. Stick to your local bank with withdrawing money. Some banks are not charging upto $3.00 for ATM withdrawals, ridiculous.

12. Open your windows on cool days and turn off your A/C.

13. Watch Movies at home instead of going to the Movies. The library has a huge inventory of movies and recent releases too.

14. Wash clothes in cold water instead of hot water. Lower the temperaturn on your water heater. You don’t need the water to be that hot.

15. Wash clothes only when you have a full load.

16. Particpate in your employers 401K so you can save on taxes.

17. Open a Money Market account and get at least 5% interest on your money.

18. Buy less expensive shampoo and condtioner same with laundry detergent.

19. In the summer plant your own garden, get the kides involved.

20. Buy a used certified card especially if you work and live locally.

21. Buy the new hybrid cars, oil and gas is only going to get more expensive.

22. Eat healthy and stay fit, medical bills are outrageous and expensive.

23. Do things around the house yourself, clean, cook, paint, weed, mowe the lawn instead of paying someone else to do it.

24. Buy things your really need and not because of your emotions, this is a big one. Impulse shopping.


25. Don’t listen to your friends about taking a vacation you can’t afford by using your credit card. Huge mistake.

26. If you really don’t need a pet don’t get one. I’m sorry.

27. Winterize your house, check with your local electric company or do a search online for ways to seal windows, cover electrical outlets and weather strip your doors. Keep the heat in and the cold out.

28. Drink Water instead of soda and juices. Help keep down your weight too.

29. In the summer line dry your clothes. The sun will dry them up in 30 minutes or less instead of using your dryer.

30. When using zip lock bags, wash them out and re-use them. It saves the environment too.

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