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Property Investment

Buying a Home


The home purchase decision is a very important decision because it represents a household’s largest lifetime expense. 

Home buyers will benefit from the use of competent and ethical local property professionals as they can help them locate the house that best satisfies the preferences in terms of pricing, house attributes and amenities, as well as location characteristics.

Home buyers need to take their time to search carefully the local marketplace weigh carefully the trade offs (price vs house and location attributes) in evaluating the different choices they have.

A home purchase decision should be also viewed as a critical lifetime investment decision since the household will commit in this investment a significant part of its lifetime wealth. Within this context the home purchase decision should satisfy typical property investment criteria. 

One of the most important criterion when investing in houses is appreciation potential. House appreciation potential varies considerably across the different housing sub markets in a metropolitan area, depending on the qualitative characteristics, demographics, and attractiveness of each sub-market. Local property professionals understand very well the pricing differences of the different sub markets and local market dynamics. As such they can provide very useful insights with respect to the price trends and dynamics in the different sub-markets.

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