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Can a credit card be your friend?


Now I’m sure many of you will dispute with me on credit card being a menace than a tool that you can conveniently call it your own, let’s face some real facts,

You Can Accumulate Your Spending and Monitor with your Bill

How many of you are guilty on spending cash by simply withdrawing money. I know I’m one of them; and it seems to me that the more cash stays in the wallet, the faster your bank account goes down the hill.

Your bill actually allows you to track your spending on your card. And if you worry too much about busting your credit card, keep all the invoices of your spendings for the month, and calculate the totals whenever you reach home. There’s an excuse to keep them since there are sensitive card data on your bill. You could just keep the bills and tie them up with a band, and by the end of the month when your bill reaches you, tally with your invoices and shred them away.

ps. Take note of your Internet spendings with your card though. I can see this as one of the reason why people can’t control their spendings since there’s so much temptation on e-shops nowadays.

Acing Your Credit Bureau Ratings

If you have been paying regularly your credit card bill, the central credit bureau that your credit card reports to recognizes you as a good paymaster; which simply means you’ll get to enjoy benefits as an individual who knows how to manage your finances properly and getting any different kind of credit loans or mortgages approval would be much, much easier.

A Travel Tool Assurance

This is one of the few main reasons why people just carry a credit card around (Visa/ Mastercard). You’ll usually just give your credit card company a call and increase your credit limit before heading to a destination for work or holidays, and change lesser of your foreign currency so you won’t have to carry a wad of cash around to avoid being a theft victim.

If anything happens to your card, a call is all you need to do to cancel it and protect your credit from being misappropriated.

Reaping Rewards For Using A Card

If you’re a strong believer in reaping rewards of using a card, you’d probably do this. Anything that you can charge to your card with your normal necessities in life, you’d probably do it. Earn miles or bonus points for whatever that you charge to your card and get some rewards out of it; Be it few free movie tickets, shopping vouchers and some even rebate you cash as part of their dividend.

I charge my phone, utility and everything I could to my card and also use it for groceries purchase as well as gas bills. I’m talking about necessities here, it’s to your advantage. Another point to take note, never draw cash from your credit card unless for emergencies(You’ll be charged interest when you withdraw cash right away, totally different from charging your cards to vendors for groceries, bills, gas etc where you have a due date to settle before they start charging you interest for the outstanding)

Buyer Protection

I only recently learned that some debit cards allow you to have some protection when you’re purchasing things online. Note, most debit cards don’t; As such, when you actually leak your debit card information to the wrong hands, your bank account would probably be wiped out.

Most credit card companies allows a limit protection of how much you can lose to fraud or scams and allow you to dispute against fraud of such cases.

For Example,

A fraud got hold of all your card information including the CVV/CVV2 numbers (at the back of your card for Visa, Amex is in front) and made illegal purchases. You got a shock of your life when you can’t use the card or saw the invoice on the new month.

Fear not, dispute the amount and prove that you aren’t the one doing it; Here’s a VERY GOOD PDF of the guidelines and the disputes you can make as a consumer from Consumer law, please right-click, Save-As and download it)

This is something that cash or debit card doesn’t offer.

So Is Credit Card Still a Foe For You?

I’d credit personal spending discipline as the most important factor here on whether credit card is a menace. If you have a budget of your spending, stick to it and never ever fall back to spending on luxuries that you’re not suppose to. Here’s a very interesting discussion on the Tao Of Making Money (TOMM) that I came across whilst Stumbling that you might be interested to check on the responses. Simply cool. I’ll stick to the stand of some at TOMM that it’s simply bad spending habits and personal denial that people blames the cards for getting them into debts.

Watch what you spend on and never get yourself into debt, you will see your credit card is a very blissed asset. We’ll look at how can we tackle credit card debt issues next, avenues which are realistic and probably the first few steps you should take to get out of debt

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