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Precious Metals

Collecting coins as an investment to make money


To own a coin collection is to be involved with the pastime of coin collecting, which deals with, as the name suggests, the

Collecting coins to make money

Collecting coins as an investment to make money

collecting but also the trading of rare coins, and sometimes other items of legal tender.

Coins that are of primary interest to genuine collectors are those with some scarcity or uniqueness, such as coins that were in circulation as legal tender only for a very short period of time, or particularly attractive or historically important coins. Some coins that have errors in their original minting can also acquire a cache with collectors based around their rarity.

Although the two fields obviously have a lot in common, coin collecting is not actually the same thing as that of numismatics. Numismatics is based around the study of currency, and while the two fields obviously overlap, they are not one and the same – someone with an interest in numismatics need not necessarily be interested in having their own coin collection, and vice versa, with a coin collector not necessarily being interested in the field of currency as a whole.

While the collection of coins for their value goes back about as far as the creation of the coin, collecting them for their historical significance came later, although it is by no means a modern phenomenon, with evidence suggesting that a coin collection was in vogue even in Ancient Rome. The fourteenth century is generally regarded as being the real beginning of the pastime of coin collecting as we know it today, however. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it was a passion pursued generally only by the very wealthy and the elite in society, but more and more of the middle class also began interested in the field. By the nineteenth and twentieth century, coin collectors were much less or a rarity themselves. The first ever international coin collectors’ convention was held in the United States of America, in Detroit, Michigan, between the fifteenth and eighteenth of August 1962, with an estimated forty thousand people in attendance. Today there are coin shows, trade associations and even regulatory bodies to govern the field, judge the value of coins via coin grading services and prevent frauds.  The collecting of coins is referred to as “The King of Hobbies”, a phrase that originally alluded to its place as the hobby of the elite, but is now a reference to the fact that it is one of the oldest and most popular hobbies in the history of the world.

Certification For Beginners

Many people underestimate just how popular a hobby that coin collecting can be.  There are so many different coins, spanning not only all over the world, but from all different time periods as well.  There are common coins that were just simply used for currency, and then there are specially made coins that are supposed to commemorate a special event in history.  On top of all that there’s also the fabled “error coins” coins which during production received some kind of flaw and thus are some of the most unique and most valuable coins that you can get.

One of the reasons that coin collecting is such a popular hobby is because of how easy it is for anyone to get started.  In the past it was difficult to find any good places to buy coins, basically you’d be limited to just your local area and special coin conventions.  Because of how difficult it was to get your hands on coins the sellers had an obvious advantage, essentially being able to raise their price simply because they know that there’s nobody else you could go to.

With the internet in the picture that’s no longer the case.  Ordering coins has never been simpler since distance is no longer a factor.  If you do want to start getting involved in coin collecting perhaps the most important tip is to only purchase certified coins from your collection.  Not buying certified coins opens you up to a world of trouble, with many sellers trying to scam their buyers by lying about the actual value of their coin, or in some cases even making fake copies of actual valuable coins.

Part of the certification process means that the coin is going to be marked with its true value, meaning that coin sellers aren’t going to have nearly as much wiggle room when it comes to determining the price.  Buying certified coins online is an excellent way to start your collection.  Not only are you going to be guaranteed to get good coins, but choosing to purchase certified coins from a reliable company like Zoomcoin ensures that you won’t be ripped off.  The great thing about coin collecting is that you don’t need to invest all your money into it.  It’s a hobby that will literally last a lifetime and can be best explored and invested in whenever is convenient for you.

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