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Precious Metals

Doing research before you buy gold coins


To new investors, it can seem like a real challenge to buy gold coins. You can’t necessarily get it done down at the corner store, and your regular financial advisor may not be able to offer you any assistance outside of stock and bond purchases. However, getting your hands on gold coins doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. All you need to do is make sure you take the time to educate yourself about the coins and the process.

One way to educate yourself is by using the internet. The world of the Internet is endless, and almost magic, really.  You can go online and find information about anything you are remotely interested in, take a class, invest in a product or service, or simply pay your bills.

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it is available to anyone whether it be at home, work, the library, or a cozy Internet café.  The time couldn’t be better to let your fingers do the walking, as they say, on your keyboard and find a way to diversify your portfolio or just make a little extra money.  One great way to do that is to buy gold coins.  You can research the market, educate yourself, find a certified coin dealer, and invest in the coins all in a few minutes right from your favorite chair.

Educating yourself on something new was once so much more difficult.  You had to go to the library or seek out a professional.  To do that, you had to look them up in that big yellow thing that’s attracting dust in your kitchen cabinet called the phone book. Remember that? Once you find where you wanted to go, or who you wanted to talk to, usually you had to go find them (during office hours), and maybe make an appointment.  That can be intimidating if you don’t want sales pressure, or if you just want to peruse information and make some decisions.  Now, you can just type in “buy gold coins” and voila!  All the information you need is right on your screen.

What would I need to know to make purchase coins, you ask?  Good question!  The key is to ensure that you are well informed about the coin in question and about the gold market in general. You want to know why you want to buy them, of course.  I know this sounds silly, but why you are buying them affects how much you buy, and how much money you spend.  Investing in gold coins really is simple, but you want to be an educated buyer.  Since this is easier than ever, simply decide your budget and you can create a new investment strategy for yourself.

The first step in your educational process is to start watching gold prices. Many online coin dealers offer excellent live gold price quotes that you can visit daily. This will help you get a sense of the price movements that will be affecting your purchases and help you start to build your budget up to make the purchases you want.

Most of the online gold price quote listings also include listings for the prevailing coin prices. Watching these numbers is your second step to becoming a well informed buyer of gold coins. By seeing what the coins are generally marketed for in relation to the underlying spot price of gold, you will get a good sense of what constitutes a fair dealer markup and what kinds of margins are the norms in the industry.

After looking at both of the pricing options, you are next ready to look at your coin purchasing options. When buying gold coins, you have the option to buy the coins one at a time or to buy them in lots. You should consider your budget, your needs, and the types of lots available to you as you decide which option best meets your needs.

Once you have gotten familiar with the pricing and made your decisions about your options for quantities, you are ready to start buying gold coins. Although you may have gone into the process with a bad case of nerves, you will find that it is not so bad after all. Once you have done your research, you will find that buying gold coins is easy for the well informed.

Online certified coin dealers can help, once you’ve made the initial decisions, direct you to your new purchase.  They can tell you how much gold is currently worth (these prices are usually online as well), and what coins best fit your budget.  They are of different values, and can be worth different amounts.  It doesn’t take very long, certainly less time than older methods, and you have found a new and exciting venture for you and your family.

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