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Economical and Reliable Courier Service? – One of the problems all businesses share!

Any business would have tons of problems to deal with. Some problems would be recurrent while some would be rare. On any given day, a company will have at least half a dozen issues to resolve. Most of these problems are specific to an industry or pertaining to the nature of the business. The problems faced by a restaurant will not be the same as a roofing company. A conglomerate will have different problems than the neighborhood mom and pop store.
But if there is one problem that almost all businesses share, then it is finding an economical and reliable courier service. No matter how many times you have hired a courier company or what kind of consignments you deal with, you will have to compromise on one aspect. Either you opt for a cheap quote or you opt for supremely reliable services. You cannot get the best of both worlds. The question thus is: can there be a solution where you don’t have to compromise reliability for affordability and vice versa?
Fortunately, there are solutions that would be very desirable. What businesses need to do is understand a simple dynamic of the courier industry. Courier services are largely customized, they attend to very stringent timelines and the nature of the consignments can be as varied as chalk and cheese. So what courier companies do is they offer such demanding services and they charge you for that. To avoid such charges and to ensure reliability you would have to look for courier companies that are absolute specialists in a given niche and they have plenty of business to ride on in a given specialization or a destination.
For instance, if you are sending a parcel to UAE and a courier company sends many parcels to the country then they have regular flights, a scheduled route, and expertise in handling cargos to the destinations in the country. Thus, they will find it easy to accommodate another parcel and they will be in a situation to get you a better price. They will also know the challenges to send a parcel to UAE so they would be more reliable. In effect, you get a fine balance of economics and reliability. Imagine a situation wherein a courier company sends only one parcel to a destination and doesn’t know much about the route or the country. It would charge you more.
It boils down to the basics of running a business. When you have a lot of sales, you can afford generous discounts. When you are struggling to breakeven or you don’t have much expertise, you cannot offer even a tiny discount or reliability respectively.
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