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Growth Stocks

High Yield Dividend and Income Stocks Investing


High Yielding Dividend Stocks | Grow Your Portfolio

Income stocks are also known as stocks that pay dividends. A dividend is when a company pays part of its earnings back to its stockholders. These dividend payments can be made quarterly, yearly, or even monthly. Stocks that pay dividends are usually more mature and stable companies, but a large dividend does not mean a good investment. In fact in most cases a large dividend is a big red flag and should be thoroughly researched before investing.

Reinvesting Dividends | Income Stocks | Great Value

Many investors like income stocks. Who doesn’t like getting a check in the mail? At Value Growth Stocks we like to reinvest these dividends to compound returns on our portfolio. Income stocks can also be a good hedge against a down move in the general stock market. Beware of stocks that have too high of a payout ratio because they may not be able to sustain their dividends, and stay away from stocks that are cutting or reducing dividends. When you combine the power of income stocks with value and growth you get the Value Growth Stocks approach. Why people choose to invest any other way is beyond us.

High Yielding Dividend Stocks | Safe Investments?

Finding a stock with a high dividend yield is not difficult. Any stock screener can find these stocks. More often than not, a high yielding dividend is a big red flag, but not always. At Value Growth Stocks we dig much deeper to find out how safe is the dividend, how likely it is to increase, what is the company’s history of paying dividends and much more information we use to determine if a stock with a high yielding dividend is a good investment. Many stocks that have a high yield are in trouble and are unable to sustain their current dividend payout. These companies either have to reduce their dividend or stop paying dividends all together. This can mean huge losses for anyone who owns that stock.

Dividend Payouts | Affordable Value | Growth Stocks

A strong and healthy dividend is only one criterion we look for in stocks we want to own in our portfolio. We also require growth and we want to get a bargain price for the stocks we buy. Do you like buying things on sale? Well so do we and we apply that to our investment strategy. Top dividend stocks have historically outperformed the general market. We want to put ourselves and our members in a position where they have the best chance to succeed, which is why we eat, sleep, and breathe stocks, so you don’t have to. We do the research and you get the benefits.

Become a Value Growth Stocks Member and Invest in Your Future
As a member you will have access to our portfolios and newsletters. Whether you are a long term value investor or like to trade often, we have a portfolio option that you can follow and position yourself for success in the markets. You can do it all in just minutes every week or month depending on how often you want to trade. We show you the Value Growth Stocks and you can follow along. Pick the stocks from our lists that fit you stock investing goals.

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