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Precious Metals

Investing In The Value Of Palladium


Both platinum and palladium are primary components in catalytic converters. While industrial demand accounts for over a third of the platinum demand, the industry relies even more heavily on palladium. Currently, 53% of the palladium demand comes from the auto industry. As a result, investments such as palladium coins have become more popular than ever among savvy investors.

Palladium coins are available from the Soviet Union, Canada, Palau, Russia, Slovakia, China, and many other countries. The United States Mint has plans to mint American Eagle palladium coins in the near future.

Perhaps the most well known coins made of palladium are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Mint produced just 1200 Canadian Big and Little Bear Constellation coins that correspond to the four seasons. About 300 coins representing each season exist and are prized among collectors.

Canadian coins made of palladium that are more readily available are the palladium Maple Leafs, which are made of 99.95% pure palladium. Each one of these coins contains one troy ounce of pure palladium. The reverse side of the coin features one of Canada’s national symbols, a single maple leaf, which is also where the coin gets its name. The obverse side of the coin features Queen Elizabeth II.

Now that China and India, both emerging economic countries, have experienced robust auto sales, many precious metal enthusiasts are turning their attention toward the often-overshadowed metal, palladium. Japan’s auto industry is also expected to make a dramatic comeback once the sector has time to recover. This will put further demand on the precious metal.

The variety of palladium coin investments currently available allows investors to create coin portfolios that truly reflect their interests and their pocketbooks. Many coin collectors and investors further diversify their portfolios by purchasing coins made of varying precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. A well-rounded portfolio is the key to financial security.

Precious metals have become an excellent way to hedge against economic uncertainty. While silver and gold are traditionally hedge investments, adding a portion of palladium commodities to a portfolio will offer support even as the economy begins to recover. Emerging countries with burgeoning auto industries will provide considerable support for such metals as platinum and palladium. For this reason, coming years may typically have positive forecasts for these precious metals.

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