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Precious Metals

Palladium and Platinum Alike Yet Different


They say that everyone in the world has a twin. Whereas I am rather thankful that I have never met mine, I often wonder what it would be like to actually have a twin. I wonder what it feels like, knowing that there is someone in your life, under your roof, who eats at your dinner table, who is a mirror image of you. I wonder if it feels as though you are shadowed in some way, that you are not an individual. I wonder if it is harder to deal with when you are a kid, when you wish that you were an only child through all the fights and bickering that you would have, as most have with their siblings. It is only when you grow up and pursue different activities that having a twin or any sibling is not some annoying shadow, but an extension of you. You realize that you and sister or brother are different yet alike, seeing as how you were made from the same people, the same blood, the same genes. People know that you are related but yet they also know that you’re different and as different as you are, sometimes the similarities outshine those differences.

Whether we are talking about people, animals or inanimate objects, it is important to be able to differentiate the properties between things that are similar but not entirely identical. Before science and technology were able to break down traits and properties of similar looking metals, no one had ever heard of the precious metal called palladium. It looked like platinum, it weighed like platinum and surprisingly, it was found inside platinum. Naturally, this led to very few palladium coins being circulated. When palladium was finally discovered and separated from platinum in the early nineteenth century, it was realized that as much as it did look like platinum and silver, palladium was exceedingly different by having the lowest melting point and being the least dense.

As aforementioned, coins made of palladium are extremely rare due mostly its late discovery. But coins that are minted from this metal have a face value that would make any hardcore coin buyer or seller set the highest bid. If you happen to find one in your possession, make sure you get it properly assessed to ensure that it is the real deal!

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