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Property Investment

Repossessed Property Investing


Repossessed property investing are always available to those who know where to look. With the worst financial crisis since World War II and the bursting of the housing bubble, there has been a significant increase in the number of Repossessed properties across the country, creating many opportunities to investors. But investing in distressed properties in a profitable and ethical way is not a simple task.

Prospering In Property guides you how to invest in distressed and repossessed property sales ethically without feeling that you have taken advantage of people squeezed by difficult circumstances. The book provides step-by-step instructions as to how to thoroughly research properties, sort out the best opportunities, acquire homes, and avoid misleading distressed homeowners. The book does no describe and get-rich-scheme, but provides invaluable information that will help you become a successful investor, including:

            Identifying promising investment opportunities and understanding the risks involved

            Obtaining the required information to evaluate properties considered

            Researching property titles, mortgages, and deeds

            Obtaining the required tools, support, and resources

            Screening and identifying properties before the repossession process begins

            Assisting distressed homeowners during the repossession process without misleading them and with integrity

            Buying properties from motivated sellers at prices below market value

            Buying distressed properties at auctions, from government agencies and lending institutions, and

            Renovating, rehabilitating, repairing, and selling or leasing acquired properties, depending on circumstances, in order to achieve significant profits

            Tips and strategies that will help you refinance acquired properties at best terms, thus maximizing your profits.


The book also provides advice on how to help homeowners, how to have them work with you in an ethical manner, and highlights common mistakes you should avoid in order to move the process smoothly and close a profitable deal.
The book’s primary objective is to help you minimize risks and maximize return, while assisting homeowners. This hands-on guide covers all aspects of distressed property sales investing, from identifying potential properties to carefully assessing their value, researching and inspecting them, so you don’t end up buying a money pit or a worthless piece of paper! The book will guide you how to deal with homeowners in the pre-repossession stage, how to bid for a property, how to buy bank-owned properties at well below market value— and how to ultimately sell for maximum profit

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