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Precious Metals

Silver Coin Bags of United States


One of the most convenient and available ways to obtain and own silver is also one of the lesser known ways. Many respected silver coin brokers now offer silver coin bags. They offer different face values with different purity, and most even guarantee that certain years or coins will be included. These are most attractive to collectors and investors, who often obtain these coins because they are instantly more valuable than what is paid for them, and they will only go on to become more valuable. Below are two different kinds of United States Silver Coin bags.

 90% United States Silver Coin Bags

Some respected rare coin brokers and dealers still offer great 90% United States Silver Coin bags, and it is a deal any collector should take advantage of. For example, a deal like this could be a bag of circulated United States silver coins, with a face value of a thousand dollars. And they will have a marker year for the bag, perhaps that, though this is a kind of grab bag of coins, all coins in this bag were minted prior to 1965. Now, the real benefit of the deal lies in this detail – the bags are priced according to the face values of the coins it contains, not their actual worth. And if you do some rough math – and get a little lucky with some very rare coins in the bag – your bag of coins printed prior to 1965 could be worth much more than their face value. You are essentially paying a thousand dollars for something which is instantly worth more money than what you are paying for it.

 40% United States Silver Coin Bags

The 40% United States Silver Coin bags offer a similar deal, only their coins are 40% silver clad coins, rather than 90% coins. An example of these coins is the Kennedy half dollars, which were minted between 1965 and 1970. These bags are also often offered at a price of a thousand dollars, and their coins are both legal tender and can be sold at auctions or to other collectors. In theory, buying silver coin bags such as these is technically free and in ways can be considered a way to instantly make money. You are essentially trading your money for money of an equal face value, only the money are you acquiring is worth more than its face value.

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