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Precious Metals

Silver Is Not Just Jewelry


If you’re planning to make investments any time in the near future, you’re probably cruising the stocks and bonds on a daily basis.  It’s true that these can be excellent moneymakers in the short term, especially if you’re willing to do a lot of research before holding your breath and crossing your fingers.  The stock market is essentially the backbone of the American economy, and is often our first hint that we’re heading toward a crisis.

If you’ve already put your money in the stock market, then you’re perfectly aware of how quickly it can fluctuate.  For a long-term investment, the stock market is probably not the way to go.  After all, can the top software company in the country honestly promise that they will be the number one company fifty years from now?

What if there was an investment that you could make that could ensure your family’s wealth is protected fifty years from now?  Have you considered buying precious metals as a way of solidifying your wealth?  Gold, silver, and platinum are nearly guaranteed to hold their value through the years because the demand for these precious metals will never decrease.  In fact, with stores of gold, silver, and platinum rapidly depleting throughout the world, it’s quite likely that the value of these precious metals will only continue to rise.

Gold and platinum are not usually destroyed upon consumption, so most of the mined metal still exists somewhere in storage.  Silver, however, has excellent medical and industrial uses, and therefore may be completely consumed upon use.  The natural antibacterial agents in silver make it an excellent ingredient in medical creams and instruments, but once it is used, it cannot be reclaimed.

At one point in history, after the Comstock Lode silver discovery, there was too much silver on the open market and the United States government had to purchase large amounts to keep in store as a way of balancing the silver market again.  These silver stores are now rapidly depleting, which means that anyone with stores of silver is poised to make a great deal of money in the near future.  The basic economic principle of supply and demand is alive and well when regarding silver.

Why Silver Matters

Silver is one of the most storied of the precious metals. It’s length of usage by humankind is only exceeded by copper and gold. As already mentioned, It is used in myriad applications, many of them vital to technology and medicine. Even more so, this metal has long been used as a form of circulating currency and as a means to store wealth. The metal, relative to other precious metals, is very abundant, but demand makes it a consistently high-performing investment. This metal is used in so many different applications that many of our day-to-day activities would be impossible without it.

Silver is oftentimes thought of in the context of jewelry and other decorative arts. If you happen to call someone on your cell phone, however, there is likely a bit of the metal involved. This metal is widely used in circuitry. The reasoning is simple: nothing conducts electricity better. The same is true of heat, which is why silver has long been a traditional choice for tea sets and other food service applications. There is still one more reason that this metal is used in these applications.

This metal is hostile to bacteria. In the past, liquids prone to spoilage, especially milk, were transported in silver containers. The metal is still used to line some containers, such as the better containers used to hold milk and crème in coffee shops. This also makes it very useful in medicine. Today, this metal is oftentimes employed in the treatment of burns. As is the case with most precious metals, the usefulness of this one exceeds what most people would guess to be the case. For the investor, however, the advantages of choosing this metal have implications far beyond what has been stated.

Silver is valuable enough that a large sum of money can be stored in a small space. This is one of its primary advantages for investors. A stack of Morgan silver dollars or some American Silver Eagle coins can hold a great deal of wealth and, over time, the amount of wealth they hold tends to increase. This makes them excellent choices for those who prefer portable forms of wealth. While some investments advertise how quickly they can be bought and sold, precious metals are both easy to acquire and sell and to carry around, if you choose to move from place to place and you don’t want a hassle with your assets.

If you’re ready to make an investment in your family’s future wealth, contact a precious metals expert.  He or she will help you build a portfolio with bullion, coins, or certificates, and you will be able to rest easy, knowing that your financial future is secure.

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