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What Makes Credit Unions the Choice of Smart Investors Today?


One need to be smarter during these times. And when it comes to growing your hard-earned money, the least that you want to do is to deposit it in a safe investment option. And by safe, we mean a growing capability that has equals the ability of your bank deposit. One great option for growing your money is investing in a certificate of deposit, or CD. If you are thinking of investment in CD then you have two options that come straight to mind, either got to Phoenix credit union or go straight to your bank.

Your money is parked safely in a bank, though. In fact, if you’re looking for a stable financial institution, all financial experts will tell you that there can be no establishment that can exceed what the banks can do. However, the trend says that there can be something more. All those investors with surplus money are nowadays taking a closer look at Phoenix and austin credit unions. In fact, a recent survey only proves that credit unions are really the best option when it comes to investing in CD’s.

One of the very first things that come to our mind is that credit unions, and we’re not only talking about the big boys here but almost every establishments we know, including Phoenix and Austin credit unions, is the really irresistible, high interest rates that they are actually offering. Many a credit unions offer much higher interest rates in comparison to those Phoenix banking institutions around. So how do you think these credit unions are able to give that something even the so called bigger financial institutions offer? Simple.

Members are able to gain substantively higher interest rates from credit unions, since it works under the structure of co-operative society. Another reason is that credit unions are really, by the book, non-profit institutions, freeing them from the worries of pleasing external shareholders. Credit unions are very cheap to run, hence they pass on the benefit on reduced overhead costs to the customers through higher interest rates.

Very reasonable rates for the CD products have made these credit unions very popular among the investors. In fact, check their minimum amount of investment and you will essentially get what we mean.

There are a hundred reasons as to the reasons behind credit unions getting all that attention, they offer the highest interest rates, a very high savings rate and also a stability brought in by years of experience.

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